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Florida Student Becomes Violent in Class Over Trayvon Martin Incident {Raw Footage}


Tensions are extremely high regarding the Trayvon Martin case. People are fed up with race relations in the U.S. This year started off with the execution of Troy Davis, who the African American community (and millions of others) believed was an innocent man put to death because of his skin color…and now comes the murder of Trayvon Davis by a white/hispanic man, George Zimmerman (who has not yet been arrested for his crime), who claimed the teenager (who was walking home home with a bag of candy) looked suspicious.

The below video demonstrates the said frustration. Click play and you will see 24-year-old Jonatha Carr flipping out, screaming, hitting, and threatening to kill her professor and classmates at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) during an evolution lecture. Carr states, “Are you getting this on Youtube??” as she vents her anger towards, in particular, the white members of her class room vowing revengd. This is a sad time in our history and yet monumental, because now people (of all colors) are acting out and protesting in huge proportions. Nearly a million and a half signatures have already been collected on re: the arrest of Zimmerman. The FBI and Department of Justice are conducting independent investigations while the Sanford, FL Police Chief (Bill Lee) initially in charge of the case, has stepped down. Let’s hope justice is served and that Zimmerman is finally arrested, so a trial can be heard by a jury of his peers.

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