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FREDDIE GIBBS – “Pronto” (Music Video) via @lisafordblog

From the EP, “Pronto”. Available Now!


Freddie Gibbs and Indiana Jones would probably not get along. Not after Gibbs’ video for “Pronto,” which showcases him drenched in snakes. Presented in a stark black-and-white contrast, the video features what Gibbs probably defines as the new “Thug Life.” The traditional elements are there: a little bit of bling, a big, fancy car, and a couple of fine-looking honeys. What ushers in Gibbs’ proposed new generation of “Thug Life” is the abundant procurement of snakes. The video for “Pronto” features Gibbs inside of a bathtub, shirtless, covered in snakes. It also frequently cuts to Gibbs’ rapping, again, shirtless, with an anaconda draped across his shoulders. Interestingly enough, Gibbs seems to be using the snakes as some sort of metaphor. Perhaps Gibbs is letting us know that he’s preparing to shed his skin and become a new kind of rapper. The presence of the reptilian hordes is unsettling at best, but the presence of the nearly nude women seem to calm his nerves just enough to let fly a series of fantastic rhymes.

The release of the new video follows on the heels of Gibbs’ performance at the Super Party nearly a month ago. The release of the Pronto EP left many to wonder if Gibbs would eventually release a full-length record. Thus far, there’s no talk from Gibbs in regards to a new full-length record, but the hype surrounding his latest EP leave the speculation at an all-time high. –mxdwn







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