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If you plan to steal from people in America, 2 rules: 1) Don’t be black 2) Don’t be poor

I saw this pic posted on twitter today and thought I’d share it. I’m sure crazy ass situations like this come to no surprise to most of us. Most of us know and/or have experienced either personal discrimination of some sort, or has witnessed examples of the double standards of justice in America. We’ve all been taught about the Emmett Till case that shocked America back in the 40’s and about the legal lynching of Troy Davis who was put to death for a crime that millions believe he wasn’t guilty of committing. This blog post serves as a reminder that WE ALL have work to do with regard to establishing true equality in our country. Let’s not forget that injustice for one is an injustice for all. – Lisa Ford



Racial discrimination typically points out taxonomic differences between different groups of people, although anyone may be discriminated against on an ethnic or cultural basis, independently of their somatic differences.


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