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KANYE WEST’S ‘Banned’ Album Cover is Tasteless~

KANYE WEST'S 'Banned' Album Cover is Tasteless~

And So Is His Latest Publicity Stunt!

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When I look at this album cover, I see a black man portrayed as some sort of monkey doing it to what appears to be another animal or monster. WTF!!! And then to make matters worse, Kanye was pretending to be upset over the so-called 'censorshop' of this album cover (above), even making the below statement on Twitter…

He's referring to a claim that his album cover was 'Banned". And West indicated that the man, who is also holding a bottle, is supposed to be him. The woman, he called his "phoenix."He criticized retailers like Wal-Mart for considering the cover art unsutiable while pointing out the popularity of nudity on album covers in the 1970s. (source: HipHopDX)

But shortly after this drama, the Los Angeles Times received reports from a Def Jam insider stating that Kanye West may have ultimately made the decision to ban his own album cover art (read the LA TIMES article HERE).  West was strongly urged to use alternate art, the source conceded, but added that West "was told if he wanted to do it, the label would stand behind him."

So why did Kanye make a claim of 'censorship'? Especially when he had the REAL opportunity to say screw Walmart and the other retailers by pushing the album cover forward? He talked all that sh#t, then caved in. Why is that?…

I think Kanye took a look at his wack ass album cover, ultimately realized it was crap, and didn't want to admit it. I am all for creative expression, and anybody who knows me know I LOVE NUDITY, but this image of a black man is tasteless. I don't understand why he just doesn't focus on making good music and stop all of these dumb stunts. And now, I won't be buying the album or any thereafter, until Kanye sees a Shrink. 

But for the rest of you who still likes this dude, here is new music from Kanye West ft Kid Cudi, Curtis Mayfield, Charlie Wilson, & Pete Pock – THE JOY. Download HERE