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Lisa Ford Interviews KY MANI MARLEY @ The Reggae World Unity Festival! (Photos & Audio)

This is a pivotal moment in music. Lisa Ford brings a highly charged interview with a giant legend in the reggae industry forefront. KY MANI MARLEY gives us an update on his up & coming explosive new TV series, “Shottas”, (based on the cult favorite movie of the same name), and future film projects. Ky Mani also updates us on the new music he’s releasing… informing us that his next project will be fiery and forceful, more of the same good music we’re all accustomed to.  Check out the audio interview below….



The below photos are a recap of Ky Mani’s stage performance. As you view these amazing flicks, make sure you jot down the following info: My twittter @lisafordblog . And for more information about the Reggae Unity Festival (held by Effective Entertainment),  click here:

Photo Credit: Seb Ettinger

In regards to Ky Mani’s sheer talent and musical gift, there is a quote on Youtube that says , “Bob Marley has magic sperm.”

Ky Mani is so dope, he even amazes himself sometimes. In this pic, he and the audience see eye to eye.

Ky Mani’s live performance was hypnotic. The audience swayed and dance to the smooth sounds as he performed a few favorite songs including, “Rasta Love”.


He made thousands of people happy with his music this night.


Ky Mani Marley performs Bob Marley’s song, ‘Woman No Cry’.

Reggae World Unity states, “(the festival)  is an event created for the unification of people through Reggae Music. The great Bob Marley was the catalysts that preeminent the Reggae movement to the four corners of the earth. Reggae world Unity ‘s goal is to continue this movement, inspiring and encouraging world peace with events that brings diverse cultures and people together in one harmony. Peace and Love.”


Ky Mani Marley finishes off his set performing “Armed And Dangerous” with this son, a next generation Marley and historic performance.