MITT ROMNEY’S God From Planet Kolob? Black People Are Cursed? *Psycho Alert*

 (romney photo above by windthin)

(artwork by poasterchild)

According to this video, the Mormons believe God is a 6’2 man who lives on a planet called Kolob. Now this planet can’t be seen with our telescopes so Bill Maher shows an old album cover from 70’s rock band, The Osmonds, featuring artwork of this mysterious planet. Planet Kolob? Really Mitt Romney?

Ex-mormon, Walter Kirn, also states that Romney’s religion alludes to the fact that helping the sick & poor is not government responsibility (even though his own father was on welfare). This seems to make Mitt Romney look like a hypocrite. When questioned about why his tax rate is below most of those in the middle class (after that ‘47% remark’), Mitt bragged about his 10% charitable contributions. But if you watch this video, you will see that this 10% is a requirement Mitt HAS to pay to his Mormon church. Bill Maher wonders if they sent Mitt’s money to ‘planet Kolob’. I wonder that same thing. LOL!

I posted this video because the Republicans have attacked & questioned Obama’s religious beliefs but has yet to question Mitt Romney about his religion (who core beliefs stem from ‘communism’ and polygamy)  or about his God living on planet Kolob! Oh and check this out….Apparently, the head of Mitt Romney’s church speaks directly to God who told him that black people’s skin is no longer ‘cursed’ as of 1978. This is incredibly insane.



Clip from Real Time with Bill Maher from 08.31.2012 of a discussion with the Ex-Mormon “Walter Kirn” (National Correspondent, The New Republic) about Mormonism and Mitt Romney.


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