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MOS DEF – “N*ggas In Poorest” (Music Video!)

(mos def artwork by fat-jedgfx)

Mos Def has a new name…Yasiin Bey, and Mos is presenting his own interpretation of Kanye’s and Jay Z’s, Niggas in Paris. The video for “Niggas in Poorest” has been out for a minute and some music lovers thought and/or think Mos Def is taking shots at Kanye and Jay for bragging about the lavishness of their lifestyles. However, being the political activist that he is, Mos Def simply saw the popularity of the original song and its contents, as an opportunity to make a social statement about the deplorable ecomonic conditions of the american urbanite.

According the The ComplexMedia, Niggas In Poorest, is part of his Top 40 Underdogs series, in
which Mos Def plans to take Top 40 songs that he’s a fan of and spin them with his own perspective. The project plans to cover a variety of current social and political issues. He talks more about it in his interview with YeahILoveIt.

In the music video for Niggas In Poorest , you will see movie & studio clips, a portion of Malcolm X’s speech after he was forced out of the Nation of Islam 1964, Mos Def calling out corrupted governments & establishments, and images of an Illuminati meeting, AIG & Merril, Lynch, Richard ,Nixon, Hitler, Bush, Rick Santorum, and President Obama. When asked what inspired the Top 40 Underdogs. Mos Def says, “I am doing this for the culture.”

“doctors say I’m the illest. I ain’t got no insurance. It’s them niggas who
poorest, be them rebel guerillas.” – Mos Def


Top Youtube quote for the Nigga’s in Poorest video states:

I find Jay and Kanyes version a diss to working class ppl and artists that bust their asses every day to make money. How are we as a society of young ppl buying into lyrics that basically tell us we aint shit cuz we aint got millions of dollars…my life is full and beautiful ! Thanks Yesiin Bey i appreciate your version much better. Golshanistan1


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