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SCARFACE ft. ICE CUBE – “Hand Of The Dead Body” MUSIC VIDEO! (Lisa Ford’s Throwback IPOD Pick)

(ice cube artwork by jaredjonhowell)



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“Hand Of The Dead Body” (LYRICS)
(feat. Ice Cube)

-In world news today, officials agree that rapper Brad Jordan alias
Scarface must be stopped
-After being monitored by secret service agents for two years
-Evidence leads Tobacco and Fire Arms officials to believe that his
literally dope lyrics promote drug usage and distribution
-Degrade women, influence gambling, promote and teach violence and more
-Its influencing our minors and destroying our young community
-Officials say, he’s the lord of underground rap and his music must be


We got this whole motherfucker on a mission
Now the whole entire world’s gotta try to come up with a quick decision
They claim we threats to society
And now they callin on the government to try and make somebody quiet
For the bullshit they done to me
Gangsta Nip, Spice 1 or 2Pac never gave a gun to me
So gangsta rap ain’t done shit for that
I’ve even seen white folks from River Oaks go get the gat
So why you tryin kick some dust up
America’s been always known for blaiming us niggas for they fuck-ups
And we were always considered evil
Now they tryin to bust our only code of communicating with our people
Lets peep the game from a different angle
Matt Dillon pulled his pistol every time him and someone tangled
So why you criticize me
For the shit that you see on your tv
That rates worse than PG
Just bring your ass to where they got me
So you can feel the hand of the dead body

[Chorus:Repeat 2x]
Nigga don’t believe that song
That nigga’s wrong
Gangstas don’t live that long

So now they tryin seperation
And sendin black folks in white coats to infiltrate our congregation
Tappin into our conversation
Saying the message that they give
Bring forth or premeditation
So David’s got a silver mag
While listenin to Brad, David gets mad and kills his dad
David Duke’s got a shotgun
So why you get upset cause I got one
A tisket a tasket
A nigga got his ass kicked
Shot in the face by a cop, close casket
An open and sgut situation
Cop gets got, the wanna blame it on my occupation
If you don’t dig me, than nigga you can sue me
Because the shit that I be sayin ain’t worse than no western money
Don’t blame me blame your man Gotti
So you can feel the hand of the dead body


[Ice Cube:]

You best to free your mine
Before I free my nine
And stop fuckin with the void in pop
Or feel my hot rocks
Bang,bang, boom boom, ping ping I’m the black
White boys gat a magazine and don’t kow how to act
I’ll attack and make you vomit
Down with Kahlid Abdul Muhammad
Do he got a brother, I’m it now
I’m the illest
Wanna kill this house nigga Don Cornelius
Can you feel this?
You punk niggas make me sick
Suckin on the devil’s dick
Scared of revolution
Need to start deuchin
Houston is the place
I caught a case
Them motherfuckers tried to put a scar on my face
But i bust two times to the gut
To the Reverend Calvin Butts
Gotta pair of nuts?
I started this gangsta shit in 86
Now you dissin me
For publicity
Isn’t he a hoe to the third degree
Who me
I’m a g who like to scrap-a-lot
Down with Rap-A-Lot
And I can’t stop, won’t stop
So fuck Bill and Hillary
Ice Cube their ain’t no killin me
Ice Cube, Scarface
Droppin on these sellin out niggas, doing it like this