SNOOP DOGG portrait in Marijuana by artist Jason Mecier

Artist Jason Mecierhas used candy, food, pills and the actual garbage of actual celebrities to construct celebrity portraits. This new Snoop Dogg portrait is made of marijuana joints, marijuana leaves and stems – who knows, there could be some indica canada in there too – and what looks to be hashish. He probably made the hashish himself, as anyone can learn how to make hashish easy as possible. Whether he made it or not, this is a really cool piece of art. The artist information says it’s valued at $1,500. I wonder if it’s legal to buy this thing without an ohio medical marijuana license? And what about the hash? I am not a lawyer, but I invite serious responses from persons who are, in the comments.

This work will be on display and featured in the new book La Luz de Jesus 25, as part of the 25th Anniversary of La Luz de Jesus Gallery. (Boing Boing)

Posted by @LisaFordBlog