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WARCHYLD – “Google Me Now” {New Music}!

It’s been a long ascent for Warchyld, and one thoroughly documented by the rap blogosphere and magazines including Hip Hop Weekly (in the Next 2 Blow section). The Philadelphia hip-hop institution has squeezed out Warchyld whose hit song “Google Me Now” is now featured on The World According to Paris (Hilton) Ep 108 which also features Lil Wayne. Warchyld is a technically superb rapper who understands the market and the business side of music, which is why a lot of his songs end up on television shows and films alike…. check out video below.

“Google Me Now” is metaphorical on multiple levels being that it represents an indy artist’s plight from the background to the foreground of the music industry after much tenacity and sacrifice. Warchyld started rapping in the underground scene. Rose to fame on the strength of some great album-quality mixtapes. Signed to ShowRunners Publishing by Jon Ernst (One of music industry’s most sought out Music Supervisors / Song Writers who has done numerous work for MTV ABC NBC BET). And is the product of the effects when opportunity is infused with preparation.

Warchyld is brainier than most mainstream MCs but too refined for the underground. If you’re a fan of Warchyld’s, then the much anticipated street album, Hate is Love (coming soon), will be everything you’d expect. It includes the hit single MR. MTV, and the raw unadulterated lyrics will lunge Warchyld even closer to superstardom. Just like Google Me Now, the street album will transcend beyond a niche audience and contribute to Hip Hop’s mass worldwide appeal. Click the banner below and download your copy of Google Me Now on Itunes.



You can also find more of Warchyld’s music at


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