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What Would You Do? Watch People’s Reaction To A Black Woman Insulting An Interracial Couple (VIDEO)

I'm chillin' on a Sunday evening, surfing the net, and I came across this video. I was really moved... EliteDaily writes, "ABC News performed a little experiment at Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop for the hidden camera show “What Would You Do.” Utilizing three actors, the experiment was meant to show how average bystanders react to racism and verbal prejudice. Two of the actors are portrayed in a relationship with the man being black and the woman white. As the white woman enters the barber shop, the third actor, Rachael, a black woman, immediately begins insulting her with outwardly racist comments. After watching the video, it will be hard to deny that the results were more than inspiring. While some kept silent, there were three people in particular that spoke out against Rachael’s actions in their own way."

MOUNTAIN DEW’s “Racist” Commercial ?? (Video) *UPDATED* – Tyler The Creator Responds

Mountain Dew arguably releases the most racist commercial in advertising history according to a new wave of people protesting thePepsiCo corporation. Protesters feel that this commercial feeding on the stereotypes that most criminals are black men wearing doo-rags their heads, while attacking white women. They believe that the commercial has nothing to do with selling sodas. That it's just a tool that a 'corporation' is using to peddle ignorance to their perceived targeted demographic. Rapper, Tyler The Creator, is the writer and producer behind the commercial. He is known for pushing boundaries. He's stated in an interview with billboard that he doesn't see things in the terms of race. He's just a rapper/comedian who likes to have fun.

10 Important Things “DJANGO” Didn’t Teach You About Slavery

Republished from the article, [10 Things You Should Know About Slavery and Won’t Learn at ‘Django’] by colorlines, this list pretty much breaks down the institution of slavery in colonial America. But don't just take their word for it. If you're interested in this subject, I've listed books, that come highly recommended, at the end of the the post.

PRESIDENT OBAMA Speaks At A Vigil In Newton, Connecticut For The Sandy Hook Deaths (VIDEO)

"I am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow, nor can they heal your wounded hearts. I can only hope that it helps for you to know that you are not alone in your grief...that our world too has been torn apart. That all across this land of ours, we have wept with you. " - President Obama - Speaking in Newton, Connecticut, at a vigil for families of the victims and other students from Sandy Hook Elementary after the massacre that left 20 children and 6 adults dead.

Keep Off The Grass! The Drug Policy Alliance Director Discusses LEGAL WEED in Colorado & Washington (VIDEO)

Drug Policy Alliance Executive Director Ethan Nadelmann uses economic terms to break down the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." Nadelmann states, "Why keep spending billions of dollars trying to prohibit the unprohibitable? That money saved, as well as taxes on legal marijuana, is money the states need for more important things."

PRESIDENT OBAMA WINS!!! Full Victory Speech!! (VIDEO)

President Obama defeats Governor Mitt Romney in the historical 2012 presidential election with the majority of popular and electoral votes. "In our hearts, we know that for America, the BEST is yet to come!" - President Obama said to a cheering crowd of thousands around 1 am this morning during his victory speech in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. The full video of his speech is included in this post. It will go down as one of the greatest speeches ever. Congratulations Mr. President!!!
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‘I Got 99 Problems, But Mitt Ain’t One’ Jay-Z at Obama’s Ohio Rally (Hot & New VIDEO!)

"What's up?! Ohio make some noise!" the rapper greeted the crowd, before kicking things off with "Public Service Announcement." "Are we ready to move forward, Ohio?" asked Jay-Z between verses. He then jumped into a remix of "99 Problems," substituting Mitt in the chorus to proclaim the GOP candidate as not a problem and rapping over AC/DC's "Back In Black" for a verse. Jay-Z kept the momentum going with a swerving rendition of "On To The Next One," getting the crowd hyped before ripping into an aggressive take on "Run This Town." The rapper took a short break to catch his breath before calling for an "Encore," and introduced Barack Obama in Columbus, Ohio. "Four years ago we voted for hope and change," Jay-Z said. "That change is also on the way, we know it's not an overnight thing, but we absolutely want to move forward."
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