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BEYONCE’S ASTONISHING #VMA2016 PERFORMANCE (VIDEO) #Lemonade via @lisafordblog

Last night, the Queen of the World, BEYONCE, gave one of the best performances I've ever seen. Not to mention, SHE brought the mothers of police shooting victims Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Oscar Grant to the red carpet. CBS News writes, "Brown, Martin, Garner and Grant are some of the most important names to catalyze the Black Lives Matters movement. Beyonce brought in the mothers of Brown, Martin and Garner to partake in her visual album, “Lemonade,” as well. They held photos of their late sons in the video. "

“GAME OF THRONES” Season 5 (Trailer) !! via @lisafordblog

My favorite TV show of ALL time is on it's way back to HBO (April 12th), and I couldn't be happier! IMAX has been screening the last two episodes from season four, along with a sneak peek at season 5 (the video is included in this blog post). In the upcoming season, we 'find out what happens to Tyrion Lannister, where Jon Snow ends up next and how Margaery Tyrell shakes up the kingdom after the death of Tywin Lannister.' If you haven't been tuning in, you've been missing out on a well written and well produced show based on an award-winning series of high-fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin. Check it out.

HBO’s “GIRLS” Season 4 Teaser (VIDEO)

"The world of Hannah Horvath may no longer be within the streets of Manhattan in GIRLS, but drama is never far behind the aspiring journalist-writer. Without spoiling too much if you still haven’t caught up through season 3, Hannah returns to her mid-west roots taking a break from her inner-circle to focus on a career. With Marnie continuing to be wreck, Jessa struggling with her on-and-off sobriety and our girl Shoshanna looking to finally graduate from NYC, Hannah takes a brief bike ride around the University of Iowa in some rare leisure time. The brief 30-second clip you can view after the jump, is a tease for fans that are waiting for the official season premiere 4 months away on HBO we can expect in early 2015." -

THE BOONDOCKS!! Official Season 4 Preview!! (VIDEO)

I've been sitting on pins and needles for YEARS waiting on the new episode of the critically-acclaimed, politically-theme animated show, THE BOONDOCKS. Recently it was announced that the show's writer and Creator, AARON MCGRUDER, is not involved in the new and final season. I'm worried. I hope that the one who's running things now does not elude from the controversial topics or water down the principles that made this show popular and relevant. By the looks of the preview, I think it's still gonna be pretty funny.

MR. SPOCK Understanding Women (VIDEO) #StarTrek #SciFi #Throwback

One brilliant aspect from the 1960's STAR TREK sci-fi television show is 1st Officer and Science Officer of the Starship S.S. Enterprise, MR. SPOCK. Spock is a superior, logical-thinking alien genius, and Captain Kirk's right-hand man, who forces humans to take a look at their flawed ideologies. STAR TREK, set in the Milky Way galaxy during the 2260s, was way beyond it's time...literally. Check out one of my favorite clips from the show.

“BOONDOCKS” Season 4 Date Is Announced! & #Throwback (VIDEO)

The BOONDOCKS & Adult Swim have put us all through an emotional roller coaster with the slow release of Season 4. We've waited 4 years to see a new episode of one of the most prolific animated TV series of our generation. Through satiric and paradoxical storytelling, the BOONDOCKS, a show based on the comic strip created by AARON MCGRUDER, is a mirror of American and urban society with all of its perversions. The programming and subject matter have been controversial, to say the least, but the BOONDOCK'S fanbase is massive because the content is brutally honest.

Oh Sh*t!! “GAME OF THRONES” Season 4 Preview (Trailer) !!

HBO released the extended trailer for epic fantansy series, GAME OF THRONES Season 4, previewing the spine-thrilling events to come. You get an inside look into the battles, the unexpected plot twists, as well as an introduction to new and exciting characters that will take this 'Game' to the next level.

“HOUSE OF LIES” Starring Don Cheadle Airs Tonight On SHOWTIME! (Preview Trailer)

Don Cheadle aka 'Marty Kaan' is the master of pimpology in the Netflix TV series now on SHOWTIME - "House Of Lies". This dark comedy was so damn good, that Showtime couldn't resist adding "House Of Lies" to its lineup. And with good reason. The cast (Nia Long included) is mesmerizing as high-stakes business management consultants who spell out the rules and are sometimes the casualties of the vicious arena of corporate America. What can we expect from this week’s Season 3 Premiere of "House of Lies"? Lots of lies, sex, & money, of course! The first episode of the new season airs tonight at 10pm.
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