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The Miami Heat’s Birdman meets Baby Birdman!! (PHOTOS) Did they tattoo a baby??

The amazing ‘Birdman’ artwork above comes from renowned and talented artist, Maria Arango.  Her artwork is mesmerizing, consisting of NBA players from championship team, Miami Heat. Be sure to visit her  website at… and you can view more of Arango’s artwork on facebook at


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This is the photo that became an internet phenomenon.








  1. Gotta say I love the Birdman and Baby Birdman but how is it that people use my artwork and don’t give credit to the artist?

    1. Hey Maria! Which artwork is yours and I am want to credit you to make this story more credible. Is it the banner? Or the tattoos. Thanks

        1. I removed it until I have permission and proper credit. If you provide all of your info that you want readers to know,(twitter / instagram / website/ purchase info/etc) I will republish it. If not, I will keep it down. Thanks very much

          1. Thank you. Info has been added to this post. I personally “liked” your facebook page. Your artwork is BEAUTIFUL! I am going to promote your sites on all of my social networks beginning now. Thank you so much for contacting me!!

        2. I’m sure my readers would love to know where to view more artwork like yours and where to buy prints of their own

  2. Lisa, I ain’t the birdman artist but have everybody follow me on twitter @taskmasterstv he he. Oh, and Miami Ink is a great place to get ‘Heat’ tattoos

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