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Brain Power | Relax & Unwind by 8 Exotic Films | WATCH VIDEO on @lisafordblog.com

Thank you for tuning in. Please follow my 2nd Instagram account regarding what I’m presenting on the screen today https://instagram.com/8exoticsmoke. Along with https://lisafordblog.com and Hip Hop Orgy magazine (details coming soon), I’ve launched two film companies under LISA FORD MEDIA: 8 EXOTIC FILMS (digital ads) and BLUE INK FILMS (short horrors). All media produced under LISA FORD MEDIA is geared towards promoting our products and services and well as covering the music and entertainment scene and featuring independent and mainstream musicians. Please give us a like and a subscribe as it is soooo appreciated. And I work 20 hours a day, so if you can donate to me for a cup of coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/lisafordblog , that would be great!! xoxo. – Lisa Ford

Brain Power | Relax & Unwind by 8 Exotic Films https://youtu.be/tXyQbu5ZuWc via @YouTube #digitalart #digitalasset #YouTuber #FilmTwitter #delta8 #thc #relaxsociety