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FANTASIA’s Candid Interview At The JAZZ IN THE GARDENS Music Festival (Audio & Photos)

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What I have learned now is to take control over my life and not let anybody else do it for me. I learned that the other thing that I want is ‘peace’. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the cars or the houses, it’s about having peace and being able to bless the stage and SANG. That’s all I want to do…..

I’ve looked back (at my mistakes) and said, ‘Well, I shouldn’t have done that and WOW, I can’t believe I done that’, but I wouldn’t change a thing because this is MY testimony. Today, I still do my own grocery shopping. I shop at Target. I drive my own car I take my children to school. I do things that normal people do, and I relate to you through my music. And I don’t want to change that. I believe that’s what everybody saw when I stepped on (American) Idol. The moments when I came without my shoes on, the moments when I talk about certain parts of my life like eating chitterlings…and people are like ‘oh my god, did she say that on TV!’…’ hey we like chitterlings too!’

So I just want to be myself and I don’t ever want to change. I want to be a great woman who inspires peace, joy, love and happiness. And I surround myself by people who just don’t tell me what I want to hear…they tell me what I NEED to hear.

So I’m thankful and I’m grateful for everything. I put it in my music I share with you. I do these interviews myself, I don’t need anybody telling me what to say… I’m telling it myself. I’m thankful for everything and I plan to go forward. I’m going to ride the train until the wheels fall off.




Fantasia speaks about her Reality TV show.

A lot about my life has been out there and when you live with television cameras in your house, it creates more problems. I want to love my family. I want to go home and be able to love them and be with them and not create monsters. I don’t want to do that anymore. I enjoyed (the reality show) while we did it and my (family) is still doing your thing. And I had to step back and let them do their thing. Because God has given them talents as well, and I believe I was creating a monster and standing in the way of their blessings. So I had to step back so that they can go off and blossom like they’re supposed to do. So as of now, I probably will not do another reality TV show.




Fantasia speaks on her accomplishments.

I would have to say my (proudest moments) were winning my GRAMMY and starring in the ‘COLOR PURPLE’ on Broadway. I have never seen a Broadway show before in my life. (The Producers) invited me to see the show, and after the show, they said we want you to play ‘Celia’. At first I thought I couldn’t do it because I’ve never done Broadway before. But I’m thankful and grateful for ALL of the things that I have accomplished. But like you all have said, some people focus on the negative things and overlook the good things (I’ve done). But I’m grateful and I’m never going to stop even if they continue to do that. I’m going to keep this kool-aid smile on my face and still give God praise for everything he has blessed me with. I’m about to do a song with Andrea Bocelli, the famous Italian singer. I’m singing in Italian and I can’t even halfway speak English lol. But I’m going to do that because I want to show people that no matter what I’ve been through and no matter where I came from, if I put my mind to it, and through Jesus, I can do all.


Fantasia’s new album – SIDE EFFECTS ON YOU – will be available April 23rd.

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