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THE WEEKND – “The Knowing” [Official Video]


Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, has his heart harvested in the new video for “The Knowing.” At one point, the organ is even fed to a lion. The imagery throughout has a special focus on light, vision, and there’s a silhouette of a creature with the head of a giraffe. Abel’s girl is played by model Geena Rocero.

Needless to say, the House of Balloons closer gets some pretty interesting visuals here. It’s directed by Mikael Colombu, who’s also done work for Cee Lo and Bilal, and is almost eight minutes long. The video fits the dreary gospel of The Weeknd, and this video is as depressing as it is sexual. Kind of an ‘epic’ depiction of the song given its storyline of infidelity, “The Knowing” never actually sees Abel’s heart break. Instead, it’s returned to the hole in his chest–of course, it doesn’t end as pleasantly. Did I mention this takes place 14,300 years in the future? Watch it for yourself below. (PreFix Mag)

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