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JOYNER LUCAS – “I’m Not Racist” (VIDEO) *Warning* Not For the Faint-Hearted via @lisafordblog

JOYNER LUCAS just released some real music that is going to give a lot of people cognitive dissonance and hopefully give different people a wider view on the subject which can help to get a better understanding of different opinions. No matter how you interpret JOYNER LUCAS’ very provocative “I’m Not Racist” music video, perspective is an evident topic and this song serves as a catalyst for continuing dialogue on race relations in the U.S.

When I clicked on the video from Twitter, I initially wanted to jump through the screen and choke the white guy who was viciously using the N-word over and over again to express what should be considered as misplaced anger. His views are perpetual and reflected the huge disconnect between different cultures and communities in our country. I didn’t realize until a few moments into the song that it was Joyner Lucas actually rapping the words coming out of the white guy’s mouth. It took me a moment to discover a unique concept was a play… that Joyner Lucas developed a creative way to deliver a strong message.

I love how Joyner Lucas told this story and how he brings up important topics to debate. I give Lucas massive credit for the honesty in these lyrics and for using his platform to address current race relations in today’s climate. If you haven’t already, “I’m Not Racist” will help you fall back in love with Hip Hop. This is why Hip Hop was created, to address serious issues and make a prolific change.

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