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MARY J BLIGE, Jazz In The Gardens, & No Chicken Sh*t!! [Photos]


There’s growing controversy over a Burger King ad featuring iconic R&B singer, Mary J Blige, because her devoted fans believe this commercial (which leaked early) sheds an unfavorable light on Mary (who’s singing overly-passionate about Chicken wraps) and adds to the stigma of a stereotype.  I think one of the reasons Mary fans are so outraged with her portrayal in the commercial, is because what they saw in the ad is beneath her stellar image. Music lovers hold Mary J Blige to a higher esteem which stems from her accomplishments not only in the music industry, but in her very publicized personal life, one which includes obstacles she has used to inspire others in her music and performances.

Let’s take for instance her most recent performance at the Jazz In The Gardens Music Festival. Almost 50,000 people (PRNewswire) from all over the world attended what is being called “the BEST Jazz in the Gardens yet,” on March 17th & 18th, 2012 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens to see Mary perform (as well as, Jill Scott, Patti LaBelle, KEM, Ledisi, Kenny G, Doug E Fresh, Kevin Eubanks, Ramsey Lewis and Nicole Henry). And when I say the best show I have ever seen in my life…I mean it! What made it so great? You mean, besides the exotic food, celebrity sightings (Queen Latifah, Minister Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr., comedian Robert Townsend and actor Glenn Turman), and the beautiful weather? It was certainly the last act. ‘They saved the best for last’ rung true in this case. EVERYBODY rose to there feet danced and felt each others vibes throughout Mary’s entire performance. If you weren’t there, you missed a hellava show!

Mary J Blige tore the house down! She was as vibrant as I have ever seen her. Mary danced and rocked to her own music as she sang (sounding exactly like she do on her albums).  She even graced us and allowed the massive audience to sing I’m Going Down in its entirety, in unison, while she remained silent and smiled. This is how much people love Mary. The audience included tens of thousands from all over the country. And every last one of them was loving her stage show and live band.

I’m sure everything will be worked out regarding that pesky ad I mentioned earlier. Blige apologized for the ad today, saying she didn’t approve the final version (npr). But we certainly approve of Mary truly hope she graces the stage again next year in Miami Gardens, FL. For more information on the annual Jazz In The Garden events, Click JazzInTheGardens.com.

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