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Miami’s Hidden GRAFFITI PARADISE!! Lisa Ford’s Secret (PHOTOS). #Repost


I’m walking through the side entrance of the swim gym. At first sight, you feel as if you’re entering into a new vortex, into another dimension, into the Twilight Zone. The structure is frozen in time with thousands of  graffiti art images spray-painted on the walls. The whole experience of being here is surreal.


This place is certainly a haven for dreamers and for those seeking a temporary escape from the chaos of life.


There’s no room left on the walls. The floors are ‘tagged’ as well. The artwork is different every time I sneak into this place. There is a silent agreement among the other artists that their artwork is going to be changed.


This hub for street art is a raw slice of heaven. I’m here as much as I can be. I have a bit of an obsession with the culture as graffiti and hip hop go hand-in-hand. Being here feels like I’m in a dream.



The abandoned swim gym, on the edge of a small island between the Atlantic and Biscayne Bay, is a small dot on the map with a big culture. This super secluded place is the heartbeat of Miami. Time doesn’t exist here and it allows you to reconnect with the beauty and history of Miami.

SG11Peep out the dude upstairs in the left corner inside the green cloud smoking a blunt…awesome!
It’s dark and spooky inside these walls. Even where the bathroom stalls use to be are tagged up. I was a little nervous taking photos from inside the stalls.

SG13_phixrLet’s cascade up the ramp onto the bleachers. This place is an oasis and a live gallery.
Along the ramps, the artwork gets really funky and exotic.  The drawings are everchanging and are usually recovered with new artwork. It’s an amazing process the see the transformations time passes by.
sg21Those eyes tho.
SG19Introducing the water view.
sg24You see downtown Miami and Brickell in the background. A lot of locals also keep their house boats parked in these waters.
SG20All the seats in the blue bleachers are tagged as well.
The stadium is HUGE!
I climbed into that structure at the top before. Since then, it’s become very unstable and may possibly fall if I go back up there.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to keep this place around forever.
SG28Here’s another shot of the ramps. There’s more water underneath the bleachers.
SG26Total recall? Totally sick!
SG27Electrifying artwork!
SG33There is no place in Miami like this. They even shot a scene from the popular TV series Burn Notice at this exact spot.
SG34Did I mention I had to sneak in and go around the fence into the water to get into this place? It didn’t use to be so hard to break in.
SG32Even if you’re not into graffiti art, there is no denying how incredibly unique this place is.
sg30The pink dude looks high as a kite! lol
This side of the arena was how I was able to get in. It was strictly for journalistic purposes just in case the authorities are reading this. I feel that the public has a right to know about this place and that they shouldn’t be tearing it down or whatever it is that they are doing. Leave us a piece of history. Stop rebuilding over every freaking thing in my city.

Here is a pic of the construction site.

Nobody gets hurt? I’m hurt if they touch this place and change it in any way.
I hope this won’t have to be my last time here.

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Photos: (c) 2014