MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ Comes Back To Life In FAST & FURIOUS 6 !! [Featurette]

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Following her debut in Girlfight, Michelle Rodriguez has consistently portrayed tough girl, tomboyish characters (like in Fast & Furious 6) that operate in traditional male fields such as the police force or armed forces, and die during the course of the story. Rodriguez says that she does not mind the typecasting, and in fact, is somewhat responsible for it:

Oh man, I was typecast the minute I did a film called ‘Girlfight’ years ago. That has nothing to do with anything, it just has to do with… you allow yourself to be typecast. If I decided I didn’t want to be typecast tomorrow I’d just go do an indie film where I play some poor girl who goes through some excruciating experience and win myself an award for crying or being raped [breaks into laughter] or playing someone with mental illness. But at the end of the day I’m not in it for the acting. If I were in it for the acting then I would be worried about people not giving me the opportunity to express my vast array of emotions on the screen.

I couldn’t give two shits. I only wanna be someone I respect or someone that I consider interesting or fun. I’m here to entertain people and make a statement about female empowerment and strength and that’s what I’ve done for the last 10 years, and people can call it typecast, but I pigeonholed myself and I put myself in that box for saying no to everything else that came on my plate. Saying no to the girlfriend, saying no to the girl that gets captured, no to this, no to that and eventually I just got left with the strong chick that’s always being killed and there’s nothing wrong with that. – Michelle Rodriguez


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