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That Asshole ZIMMERMAN Speaks!! And He Doesn’t Sound Remorseful!! {AUDIO}


I am not going to be able to write this article without cursing…I am outraged!! While young innocent Trayvon Martin lies dead in the ground, his murderer, f*ck ass George Zimmerman is calling up his friends, telling them how they inspire him for the future. The future?? Asshole, you actually think you have a future after murdering a child for no damn reason!!!

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Nearly a month after the night of his fatal confrontation with Martin, Zimmerman left a message to thank a man who has been one of his most vocal supporters to date, Frank Taaffe: (Huffington Post)

Hey Mr. Taaffe. This is George. Um, first and foremost, I wanted to say I am very sorry for the loss of your son, and, um, I can’t imagine what you must be going through. Um, secondly, I wanted to thank you for doing everything you’ve been doing. Um, I know you don’t have to, and I appreciate it, and you’re truly setting an example for me for the future of, uh, doing the right thing even when it’s tough, and, uh, I appreciate it. I’ll talk to you soon. Thanks. Bye.

Taaffe, a fellow neighborhood watchman and neighbor, has been very public about his support of Zimmerman. During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, he said that problem could have been avoided if Martin had been “up front and truthful” with Zimmerman.

Taaffe sounds like another racist who doesn’t care about the death of this child. If only people could be arrested for being idiots, then Taaffe would fit the bill. Unfortunately we’re still fighting to have that murderer, Zimmerman, arrested and thrown behind bars… On April 10th, when the grand jury meets in Seminole County, FL,  to decide his fate, hopefully then, justice will finally be served.

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