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Wale ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross – “Ambition” (Official Video)

(wale artwork by allen-iverson)



Just wondering what took Wale so long to drop this video. Ambition is undoubtedly one of my favorite songs right now. It sticks to rap’s original concept of realism in storytelling, as Wale’s lyrics drives straight to the truth of the matter and describes the struggle of an artist on the rise. Visually, the video does the exact same thing reminding some of where they came from and truly describing the meaning of Ambition as a belief to hold on to it while facing adversity.

Rick Ross‘ verse is the realest one I’ve ever heard from him in any of his music. Wale, Ross, and Meek Mill dug deep to express themselves in this hit single. No ass-shaking or so-called Ballers throwing money in the club, just a young kid who turns to the pen and pad to escape his troubles. This video describes the power of music and how it inspires someone to change their life. I wish ALL Hip Hop music could be this way.


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