Gorgon City, MK – ‘There For You’ (Music Video)

Gorgon City put on a masterpiece of a performance during Coachella 2019 and we simply fell in love with the band after that incredible live show. The UK duo, consisting of Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott, have developed a huge international presence garnering over 700+ million combined streams to date, and playing to enormous crowds […]


Check Out This Amazing “Bali Travel Vlog” from Travel Writer, PAIGE FORD. (VIDEO) LivingLifeCrazy.com

“I want to live forever or die trying” is the motto I live by everyday, and in every step I take, I’m constantly reminding myself to live life to the fullest. This is what attracts me to travel blog, LivingLifeCrazy.com, a very elegant presentation of what life is really about when you travel the world and live without limits.

LivingLifeCrazy.com features page-turning stories, beautiful up close and personal photography, and an adventurous spirit that encourages travelers of all experience levels to get out there and explore our amazing planet. Travel writer, PAIGE FORD, takes you deep exclusive territories in China, England, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and here in the great USA, just to name a few. Check out Paige’s travel vlog of her most recent trip to Bali which includes stunning imagery of the landscapes and lifestyles.


FIDEL CASTRO IS DEAD!!!!!!! (VIDEOS) via @lisafordblog

NBC6: Across South Florida, the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is being met with a sense of celebration from memebrs of the exile community.

Castro, who spent nearly five decades ruling the country after launching a military takeover in 1959, died Friday night at the age of 90. His death was announced on Cuban television by his brother, Raul – who took over as leader of the nation when Fidel Castro stepped down in 2006.

Hundreds of Cuban Americans crowded to the roads in Hialeah and Little Havana to celebrate the demise of the father of communist Cuba.


NICO & VINZ – “Am I Wrong” [Music Video] @LISAFORDBLOG’s IPOD Pick

The main thing I love about “Am I Wrong” by the Norwegian duo, NICO & VINZ, is that it was created for Dreamers. The message in this song, ‘to believe in yourself’, is so strong, it makes the hairs on my arms rise and sends chills down my spine. ‘Am I Wrong’ has inspired me all year long, when it broke out as a huge success last summer in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia…and when the duo went by the name, ‘Envy’. ‘Am I Wrong’ is by far the song of the year and reminds me of why I love music so much. NICO & VINZ’s international success is a pretty meteoric rise.


Chinese Movie ‘DRUG WAR’ U.S. Release [Trailer]

Johnny To’s international crime thriller, ‘DRUG WAR’, is finally set to be released (limited) in the United States, July 26th (New York and Los Angeles on August 2nd). This hardcore film boasts lots of stylized Chinese action, incredible cinematography, and popular action figures. The movie stars Chinese actor, Louis Koo, as drug lord, Timmy Choi, who is a known manufacturer of meth. In order to avoid the death penalty, Choi agrees to become an informant, which places him up against the world’s most notorious and ruthless gangsters, aka, the powerful cartel he’s been cooking for.

‘Drug War’ or ‘Du Zhan’, co-stars Sun Honglei, Huang Yi, and Wallace Chung. It was released last year overseas, and is sure to be an instant cult favorite here in the States.



When Queen Janet Jackson speaks, we need to listen! Today she sends out a PSA for World Aids Day (December 1st). In this video, Janet explains that 1 in 5 people infected with AIDS/HIV don’t even know they’re infected. So she is urging people to get tested and treated if they test positive. Janet wants us to do all we can to support the research, so that we can finally discover the cure to this crippling virus. “Let’s end AIDS together.” – Janet Jackson