AALIYAH Ft. Static Major “Steady Ground” New Music!! {LISTEN}

(aaliyah artwork by ik90)


Music producer, The Hitmen, Jeffrey “J Dub” Walker tweeted and recently confirmed he was able to produce a track, “Steady Ground” for fallen R&B singer Aaliyah’s upcoming album.  He wrote, “Just got great news today; the smash unreleased song called ‘Steady Ground’ I produced on #Aaliyah is gonna be on her up&coming album:).”   J Dub also stated via his website You Know I Got Soul, in regards to the new Aaliyah song, “Steady Ground” (which featured Static Major who also passed away, in 2008), “It was really the first single after ‘Rock the Boat,’ but my engineer was mixing the record and somehow lost the vocals. So the vocals that you hear are really just the demo vocals. The final vocals got erased, so yeah. So that’s why it didn’t make the album.”

Aaliyah’s family has not confirmed an official new Aaliyah album yet. The new album may be released without a greenlight from the family. The rumors of the album have been floating around for a while, and J Dub’s tweet has been the first official ‘confirmation’.


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