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    MUSIC | DIGITAL ART | CREATIVITY HIP HOP ORGY Emerging out of an entirely new space dedicated to the freedom of expression within Music and digital art, Hip Hop Orgy Magazine organically includes elements of pure art curated by its founder, Writer, Lisa Ford. The aim of the publication is to provide a fearless imagery platform for artists to push themselves way beyond what is featured in most magazines today. Click Here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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    This is Why Kelis Hates Everyone x The #Milkshake x @lisafordblog WATCH VIDEO

    Beyonce’s Renaissance album has been stirring up some contention since its release on July 29, 2022, including copyright infringement claims from fellow artist, Kelis. Beyoncé removed an interpolation of the 2003 song “Milkshake” by Kelis from her new track “Energy,” in the latest controversy surrounding the Grammy Award-winning singer’s seventh studio album . Kelis took to Instagram to complain about not being informed that her sample would be used on Beyonce’s album. Defenders of Beyonce went on to say that Kelis doesn’t own her masters.…