drake 2

Drake took it back to the way Hip Hop is suppose to be done…playing the dozens through music. No matter who and what comes at you, just make music. No matter what the circumstances and drama you have in your life, just make music. We don’t want to hear about your love affairs…just make music. On this blog, we don’t care about the gossip…just make music. And that’s what Drake did. He bodied Meek with “Back To Back”. Let’s see if Meek…the comeback King, will respond.


“Blood On the Dope” is off of GUNPLAY’s debut album “Living Legend” in stores July 31st.

t.i. 2

I only posted this because of the King of the South… T.I. I know Young Thug is featured on this track because he’s ‘radio hot’ right now. But ditch him and add The Game? And ‘Bankrolls on Deck’ is a Hip Hop classic.


This song is a banger! “COFFEE, which first appeared on MIGUEL’s three-song nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee EP in late December, shaped the sound of its third studio album, Wildheart, which was released June 30th on ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records.”

vic mensa 2

I’m featuring one of my favorite new-school rappers for Music Monday… VIC MENSA.

Thissongissick.com writes, “This year Vic has already collaborated with Kaytranada multiple times and with Kanye on one of the hits of the summer with “U Mad” while recently being signed by Jay Z’s Roc Nation. We previously heard a live version of his collaboration with Skrillex, “No Chill,” but now we get to hear a radio rip of the studio version, and it exactly what we were hoping for. Skrillex brings his relentless drums and wonky horns as he proves he can produce hip hop as well as he does with his other production efforts. Vic goes in on this heater spitting choppy, lyrical verses while the beat drops in & out and he adds a catchy hook that has us impatiently awaiting more info about his debut studio album, Traffic.”

g easy 2a

I’ve been bumping G-EAZY for a while and I am beyond impressed. Why isn’t this guy on the radio? His music is real & dope as f*ck. He dropped “I Mean It” about a year ago, and this sh*t is STILL fire! The beat is wicked. Abby Vo produced it. And the video got over 30 million views on YouTube. Well deserved.

method and red4b

Nahright writes, “Blackout Brothers Meth and Red reunite on “Straight Gutta”, a new leak from Meth’s upcoming album The Meth Lab, which will be out August 21st.”

asap again 2

The video editing is fire and so is the beat. Smoking to this as we speak…..

sucide squad

David Ayer’s SUICIDE SQUAD with Will Smith and Jared Leto is in theaters August 5, 2016, and all I can say is this flick will be amazing. Forbes magazine writes, “The film is about the titular squad, comprised of a number of DC Comics villains working to save the world. We’ve got Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as The Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and lots more (including some heroes, too, like Ben Affleck as Batman!)”

Vince Staples

VINCE STAPLES is proving that 2015 is another 1993 …..hopefully you get what I mean… if not… 1993 is consider the best year in hip hop/Rap. NORF NORF, off of Vincent’s debut album, SUMMERTIME 06, goes go harder than concrete. The progression in his music is amazing to see..it’s the epitome of a west coast sound. Rolling in a cheap whip through the ville blasting this, got that wilderness feel. Almost psychedelic in the beat. The delivery of Vince is forgiving yet aggressive, like a stoned gangster who’s too high to give a f*ck about doing something, yet still apt to do it. This track has so much feel. Nice.

50 cent

50 CENT gets nasty with “Get Low” that plays out over a sick funky track laced with Jeremih vocals. It’s gotten mixed reviews because of the autotune and the 2Chainz feature (50 should have used Young Buck or Kidd Kidd), but T.I. did his thang and the production goes hard as f*ck.

Photo of Nina Simone

The Netflix documentary centered around the singer (“What Happened, Miss Simone?”) has an accompanying tribute album, which is available to stream today. HotNewHipHop writes, “After letting us hear two of the Lauryn Hill covers that appear on the album, as well as one from Usher for “My Baby Just Cares For Me,” you can listen to the full album which features covers of Nina Simone classics from Jazmine Sullivan, Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Common, Lisa Simone and more.”

rihanna bitch 2

Ambrosia For Heads writes, “On the heels of becoming the biggest selling singles artist of all-time, Rihanna is not resting on her laurels. Not one to play it safe, she releases the visuals for her boundary pushing song, “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

With the same theme of the song, the visual is a story of bloodlust (literally) for someone who has wronged Bad Girl RiRi, financially. The video features blood, abduction, torture and a fair amount of nudity. Needless to say, this is not remotely safe for work.”

kendrick wallpaper

This video for KENDRICK LAMAR’s iconic “Alright” is beautifully directed. Cut scenes, transitions, it’s theme, etc, etc, everything is on point. I haven’t been this impressed with DIRECTING and PRODUCTION in a while…or with the lyricism Kendrick presents in this song. Every few years we get a rapper who is a mouth piece for the injustices faced by minorities in America. Tupac was once a mouthpiece, Nas, and lucky for us we are alive to witness a voice bold enough to do the same. Its not always about the money.

Kendrick’s ideology and his ability to be incredibly provocative to a generation and still remain famous is quite impressive. Kendrick carries slightly more positivity than Pac, but their ideas for the black community and hip hop as a unit are identical “Alright” is my favorite off of his “To Pimp A Butterfly” album because it is politically charged and gets at the root of why Hip Hop was established…to lead a generation farther than they think they could go.

money & lisa_phixr2

MONEY Q GREEN, radio show host, Director, and Filmmaker, is world famous for capturing major entertainers on film and video for 20 plus years. In this impromptu interview with Entertainment Journalist and Events Queen, LISA FORD, you’ll see a rare moment of what goes on behind the scenes of promoting major events in Miami and around the country, the relationships that LISA FORD & MONEY Q GREEN has established with some of Music’s biggest names, and Lisa’s current project… the HIP HOP ORGY…an event going down every SATURDAY in South Florida (with the hardest working DJ in miami…DJ EPPS) that honors and displays authentic Hip Hop music for die-hard Hip Hop Heads.

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