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BENTLEY COOP, Broward’s Champion x Upcoming EP- “Cut Da Check”

In the Nation of Hip Hop, iron sharpens iron, and when top Miami-Dade and Broward County independent artists came together last Saturday night in a dramatic, intense, roller coaster of a rap battle, one man reigned supreme, BENTLEY COOP. BENTLEY COOP, Lauderhill, Florida's musical virtuoso prepares for the release of his ambitious new EP, "Cut Da Check", which weaves personal history and poignant nostalgia into a sound that’s both singular and inclusive. He stakes out his own territory in an effort that blasts off to other galaxies. Bentley sounds like he’s rapping in an outer orbit, and now has established himself as a foundational figure in South Florida hip-hop.
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KODAK BLACK Reveals #CoverArt for #LilBigPac Mixtape via @HipHopOrgy

HipHopDX: "Kodak Black is sitting in jail, but is not letting that stop him from keeping his train moving. He is making a statement with the cover art for his upcoming mixtape, Lil B.I.G. Pac, which dropped today. The cover art for Lil B.I.G. Pac features the 18-year-old dressed like a baby in the same fashion of The Notorious B.I.G.'s Ready to Die album. The baby has a bandana tied around his head a la Tupac."
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SIRIUS BLAC – The Power of A Dreamer #MusicReview via @lisafordblog

I had the esteemed opportunity to speak to one of South Florida's dopest independent artists on the rise...SIRIUS get a statement regarding his new found success in the uprising independent music market that has taken metro Miami by a storm. Sirius hasn't had much spare time as he tours around Florida performing and spending countless hours in the studio working on his next much-anticipated project. He's one of the hardest working men in show business spreading positive vibes to everyone that has the pleasure of seeing him perform. Sirius has definitely left his mark and imprint and we look forward to seeing what he does next.
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VIGALANTY: From MIAMI to the Top of the Charts

As the line between independent and mainstream music continues to blur with the coming of each new generation, Hip Hop purists with underground loyalty keep searching for the next rapper to surface with an allegiance to the realness. Enter VIGALANTY, a talented, dynamic, influential independent artist and lyricist from Miami, Florida, with serious mic skills, a mature ear, and new-school sensibility. VIGALANTY's story is not one of the average American rapper. Unlike most new rap stars, he is humbled, composed, mature, and palpably aware of how far he came within the ever-changing music industry. His plight to reach the top of the charts might be the story of how Hip Hop got real for independent artists in South Florida in 2016 as Vigalanty emerges from the sideline taking all the punches and blows it takes to survive.
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CHOZEN – “Forever Live On” (Music Video) via @lisafordblog

"I grew up not knowing my father and only had my momma to lean on. I learned how to become Independent as an adolescent, however, I turned to the streets which only made me harder until I got sentenced to 7 years in Florida State Prison. Inside, I started writing songs about everything that was going on in my life. I was going through some thangs so I made a change to better my life. I took all of the experiences in my life and spoke about it through my music. So now you guys can really feel me...ALL my Blood, sweat, and tears." - CHOZEN
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YUNA – “Thinkin Bout You (Frank Ocean Cover)” & “Live Your Life” MUSIC VIDEOS

Indonesia artist, YUNA, may very well be the next Sade. I'm featuring her for this week's #Throwback post because of her rare talent, meaningful songs, and angelic voice. Just listen to her exotic vocals and the exciting excellent the way her collaboration comes together with her choice of words and music sound beats in her take of Frank Ocean's, "Thinkin' About You". It's a nice cover..everyone have their own style and Yuna is totally different from others. She is unique and a talented singer songwriter. So in that regard, I've also included the video my favorite Yuna song titled, "Live Your Life."
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SINCERE – “Dotted Line” New Mixtape!! {Music Review}

It's a relief, to hear the energized flows of West Philly rapper, Sincere aka S.I.N, on his new and electrically charged mixtape, "DOTTED LINE" ... highly anticipated after the release of his first project, ‘Boarding Pass’. SINCERE does an incredible job of honoring Hip Hop in "DOTTED LINE" with a hardcore collection of hits that include remnants of old-school chords connected to futuristic sounds. It’s even more gratifying to find S.I.N. paying homage to different eras and multiple genres of music on his new mixtape, as it is apparent that he has strong artistic abilities, extensive musical training, and a keen ear to what sounds best.
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CHUCK D’s Rules For The Music Business

Hip Hop Legend and Pioneer, Chuck D, from one of the greatest Hip Hop groups of all time, Public Enemy, took to Twitter to give some priceless advice for inspiring rappers and independent artists from all around the world. Chuck D says, "Music business rule number 1 - Don't let other people's money distort your goals. There sh*t got nothing to do with you. Be thankful, work with what you got. (unabbreviated)" See the rest of Chuck D's Twitter timeline in this blog post.
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